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Samstag, 19. März 2016


Arnold Schwarzenegger destroyed by Melbourne police for not carry helmetWhile on a tour Down Below, Arnold Schwarzenegger worked to a couple circle throughout the area of Melbourne, but didn’t think of the helmet
Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger fell foul in the law in the recent trip to Australia, having become attracted over with authorities for routine without having a helmet in Melbourne.
Helmets are essential from the town but the former Mayor of California chose to go bare-headed what he selected one of Melbourne’s hire bikes.
The Terminator star was Behind In for the annual Arnold Body Building Classic on Saturday and even caused a development on the System One great prix at Albert Park the next day.
Arnie is a apparently a keen cyclist and bounced in a couple wheels to get around Melbourne on the weekend, even surprising a group of young riders in bar for a photo with them.
“I get a group of cyclists riding in front of me after that we simply became around do a routine intercept,” Senior Constable Robert Gillson told Fairfax Media at Tuesday.
“Next we noticed that Arnold Schwarzenegger is at the audience.
“We chatted to him for a moment and got a little chat with him around the reasons why I pulled him over.”
The representative ensured the Austrian-born actor had not been fined for his infraction, but was told to put right corner shop to receive a cheap helmet.
Schwarzenegger is not the only good choose to be perceived prohibited with Melbourne’s strict helmet laws, with London Mayor, Boris Johnson, also earning the mix with 2013.
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